I let myself dissolve into a flowering cherry tree

So that’s how it feels to be almost all the way pink

Orange, magenta, deep purple, periwinkle all had their way with me as well

I rubbed a Lamb’s Ear leaf on my cheeks as I walked and hummed

Through a forest inhabited by roads and houses and buildings and church bells

But life has its way and bursts through the cracks

Like the childlike song that erupted from me at a cat hiding in a bush

I didn’t notice the owner on the porch until she spoke

Her voice carrying the contagion of my bliss and reflecting it back:

“You’re awfully happy today!”




I’m in

With the flowers, the cat, the forest, the city

The heartbreaks and triumphs

The men, the women, the still-figuring-it-out

The parents and babies

And grown up kids who need to move home

My heart is exposed and I can’t turn back

So I feel

And I heal

And it feels like dying to be this alive

To be this pink and this orange and this magenta



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