Bringing Harmony To Your Inner Community

Mind And Body Wholeness Experience

Release Trauma, Understand Your Inner Landscape, Walk in the World with less Suffering, More Clarity, and more Joy.

Leave No Parts Behind

After working in the somatic and energy worlds for a few years, I began learning more about my psyche and the nervous system and how it relates to relationships, sexuality and trauma. During a period of deep exploration with my own inner landscape and nervous system, I met Stevan with Soul and Spirit Wellness. He started telling me about working with Parts Psychology and the amazing success he was having with clients. It sounded like the perfect partner for body work so I decided to give it a try. I was blown away by the clarity I gained in just one session! After working with him for several months, we decided to offer something unique that includes the balance of both of our gifts and perspectives.

Healing and wholeness are found when we find hamony in our bodies, in our minds, and harmonize our bodies with our minds. Each time we experience trauma, which is way more common that is thought, we become a little less harmonious--aspects or parts of us end up at odds with each other. The MAP process will help the traumatized pyche find harmony, a perfect compliment to somatic healing.

This exquisite customized healing package includes 6 somatic healing sessions with Xochitl, 6 MAP healing sessions with Steve, and 8 integration calls. We are committed to helping you understand, communicate with, and integrate your wounded parts so your inner system is in harmony with your body. Over the 8 weeks that you will have access to us in your day to day process, we will be with you to witness, guide, and help you ground this intense and powerful healing process.

I can’t begin to tell you who I am, 

But I can tell you what I do,

Can follow these threads

Back and through this

Person you see here. 

I sit with broken hearts, 

Mostly my own.

I am a bridge

between what is present

And the personal unknown.

Healing happens and

I, help.

I can show the parts

Of you, who suffer,

How to inhabit their 

Full strength and power. 

Energy and light,

Shadow and 

Pain, these

Are my companions in love and in 


This, I promise,

Will be a beautiful


Meet Steve

Steve is on a life-long, healing journey (aren’t we all?), picking up some of the niftiest tricks and abilities along the way as he navigates the depths of his own whacky humanity. He is a meditation and mindfulness teacher and coach, an energy healer of all sorts of uncommon and highly effective varieties, and a see-er of patterns, processes, as he alchemizes wisdom traditions, principles of modern psychology and neurology, medicine work, and his lived experience. His teaching emphasizes energy practice and shadow work. His main focus, however, is the sub-conscious patterning that underlies all suffering and dysfunction, utilizing MAP method, awareness practice, and other modalities to ease suffering and reveal and revel in the soulful wholeness we all are. Find out more at