Online Courses

Bringing It All Home

Narcissism Healing

Who is the narcissist, anyway? Feeling a bit exhausted with this word getting thrown around and weaponized? Wondering what else is possible? Join Xoch and Steve in this groundbreaking course where we explore the ins and outs of the narcissism/caretaker spectrum, address the causes of unattuned grandiosity and how to find empowerment whichever side you find yourself on. $47

Self Love

Feeling ready to find more of your power through deep self-attunement? This course is a delightful exploration of 14 topics that help you know and love yourself better. Each class includes a 30 minute video and some fun, easy assignments to get you more aligned with the authentic YOU! $97

Sovereign Relationships

Can relationships be fun and easeful places to grow and enjoy?
YES!!! In this 6-week course Steve and Xochitl guide you through rich content to get you out of codependency and into your own personal myth that your relationships become a shared celebration instead of a power struggle.
Includes 6 2-hour classes with course booklet and lots of additional support.