Be Witnessed

By a community committed to personal growth, sovereignty, communication, and consent.

Longing for A Soul Family?

If you are going through a major transformation  in your life right now it can be difficult for those closest to you to understand.  It is incredibly painful to feel like you are losing important relationships in order to be true to yourself. This is hard and beautiful work you are doing, and you don’t have to do it alone!

Conscious Connections is a Tantric Community located along the Wasatch front in Utah that is focused on creating a support system for those developing into higher levels of awareness and presence and as a safe container to be able to explore and express authenticity and intimacy on all levels. 

What is Tantra? 

Many people think of sacred sexuality, sexual healing, or energetic sex when they hear the word Tantra, but it is so much more.  It is learning to embody your spirituality and spiritualize your body.  It is coming into balance with your inner polarities and learning to express yourself with authenticity and integrity. It is willingness to celebrate your light AND your shadows and learning how to integrate all parts of yourself into your daily life.  

What do we do?

On the broadest level, we create  educational and experiential gatherings that are focused on learning to be present, accepting of yourself and others, communicating clearly in relationships, merging sexuality and spirituality, and creating relationships that are sovereign, full of integrity, consent, and authenticity. 

We collaborate with members to celebrate each other’s gifts and live in abundance.

We provide exclusive intimacy and mystery school events to help people explore edges in a safe and closed container.

Conscious Connections events are substance-free.  We believe that sex is a very powerful energy and medicine. While we have no judgement against mind-altering substances and are supportive of their medicinal effect, we stand out as a community that helps people distinguish their personal energy and power as its own unique medicine.

Conscious Connections is a place where you are safe to fully express while honoring the experiences, boundaries, desires and impact on others.

"We're all just walking each other home."