You visited twice while my head was nestled in his shoulder my hand on his chest heart heaving with blessed brokenness. I tasted those verses as they slipped through me experienced, though unrecorded– not lost– absorbed in full presence by the hair and skin under my fingers.

Ode To Rapeh

Sacred leaves pounded for days in the rain forest lovingly compounded into a form that seeps beyond membranes into the stream of blood and consciousness teaching and leaching transforming the deadness. How can I be so far from my vessel and also this much inside it?


I clumsily bump the door open with loaded arms hearing your voice before I see your face and the air in my chest is caught for a moment at your ever-changing wildness and my ever growing delight I don’t need this and so I cherish it and the lighter I hold you the heavier the …

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Nest Eggs

Eggs and toast and something sweet It’s mostly what there is to eat At this nest of harmony All the trauma parts he’ll treat While Xoch holds a hand or rubs their feet. This poem’s as cheesy as the swiss Melted over the scrumptious bliss That nourishes guests who come and see The loving field …

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Alone time. I used to fear it but now I cherish it. Part of what helped me shift was recognizing that I often felt most lonely in a crowd, in my big family growing up, and big events. And also realizing that there’s a level of loneliness we just have to make peace with. Nobody …

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