“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,” -Fred Rogers

"Play is really the work of life, serious learning for all ages, one of the easiest and most delightful ways to transform trauma." -Xochitl

For Finding Your Power

This 2 hour in-person introductory session gives you an opportunity to transform your victim stories and energy, honor your little inner parts, and step forward into creation as the Royalty you are! 252

After Power Portal, many clients are ready to step into the Sexual Healing Package. Work one-one-one with Xochitl targeting your biggest areas of trauma and shame relating to your sexuality. Get a chance to work with your shadow, inner child, and erotic energy in a safe and loving container. 3 2-hour somatic sessions and 4 integration calls. 2525

For Intimate Partners

Schedule a private Sovereign Union Intensive where Xochitl will help you look at patterns in your relationship and guide you into easy, loving, cocreation without all the drama. Includes 3 in person sessions and 4 integration calls. 2222/couple

For Mind and Body

Combine parts psychology and somatic therapy in an 8-week experience guided by Xochitl and Stevan Barfuss. This incredible new offering is designed to gently integrate healing into all aspects of your being.

For Pleasure

Learn about Female Anatomy and Physiology particularly relating to Sexuality and Pleasure. What are the erogenous areas on a female body? Is female ejaculation really a thing? Also learn how to prepare your body or your partner for the most exquisite sexual experience possible. Day workshop. 11:00 am-7:00 pm 555 and bring a partner for free!

In my session with Xochitl I found a deep sense of safety within my eternal soul. I also experienced a miraculous healing of a previous sexual trauma I have worked on healing for years. Xochitl guided me to my edges and dared me to heal those things that were no longer serving me in order to expand my essence for life even further. The consent piece of her work in which I have learned about owning my "yes" and "no" has empowered my confidence to grow. Each workshop, phone call, private conversation awakens me to more and more limits I was not aware that I had imposed on me. Participating in Xochitl's offerings has been the most rewarding experience of my self-growth in the past couple years.
Sheri J