Come ALIVE by attuning to your body's wisdom.
It will be our guide as we open up avenues of growth and healing.
You will find it easier to make lasting change, enjoy the full spectrum of human experience, and rediscover the magic of your senses!

Life can truly be a fun game, and this is your invitation to COME PLAY!

Xochitl is a skilled and intuitive guide and healer. She will help you remove and release trauma so you can live a more embodied life.

Bringing warmth and humor to every lesson, Xochitl’s and Cedar’s teachings will guide you gently into a deeper relationship with yourself and others.

Dive deep!  Clients who work with Xochitl and her affiliates through multiple sessions and experiences have by far the biggest and most lasting transformations. Here you get the highest value for the most optimal price.

Xochitl is masterful at creating safe, honoring, and playful containers for in-person and community group experiences. 

In my session with Xochitl I found a deep sense of safety within my eternal soul. I also experienced a miraculous healing of a previous sexual trauma I have worked on healing for years. Xochitl guided me to my edges and dared me to heal those things that were no longer serving me in order to expand my essence for life even further. The consent piece of her work in which I have learned about owning my "yes" and "no" has empowered my confidence to grow. Each workshop, phone call, private conversation awakens me to more and more limits I was not aware that I had imposed on me. Participating in Xochitl's offerings has been the most rewarding experience of my self-growth in the past couple years.
Sheri J