More Love, More Freedom


from souls i have journeyed with

"Before I had difficulty connecting. I would get locked up, feel pressure, a need to perform. I would dissociate or leave my body. I wanted to escape. After my first appointment I feel more confident, in tune with my body. It's great! I feel lighter and I am able to handle things more easily. It is safe, I feel free! My sex drive is back and the blocks are dissolving!" -JS

I first experienced Xochitl at a Spiritual Conference I attended. Her energy was captivating and I felt a magnetic draw to learn more from her. I have been attending her weekly Conscious connections workshops. These workshops are appropriately named as each time i attend I find a grounding for myself, a deeper connection to my soul as well as an expansion of connection with those attending. In a short time i have experienced a profound new understanding of boundaries, consent and accountability. I have also experienced a new ability to let go of preconceived and unconscious beliefs that limited my capacity for joy and pleasure. In my session with Xochitl I found a deep sense of safety within my eternal soul. I also experienced a miraculous healing of a previous sexual trauma I have worked on healing for years. Xochitl guided me to my edges and dared me to heal those things that were no longer serving me in order to expand my essence for life even further. She provided a very safe container for me. The consent piece of her work in which I have learned to own my "yes" and "no" has empowered my confidence to grow. Each workshop, phone call, private session or conversation awakens me to more and more limits I was not aware that I had imposed on me. I was very nervous and anxious to attend a tantra workshop not knowing anyone. I didn't know what to expect or what would be involved. To my surprise, it has been the most rewarding experience of my self-growth in the past couple years and I'm so grateful for Xochitl's courage to follow her calling so that I may learn more and more about the pleasure in life from her example and her teachings and offerings.
-Sheri J

"I'm laying here soaking in our beautiful experience. It's dark and quiet. Normally I would turn the TV on to fill the void of being alone. But I feel no need for anything or anyone right now. I feel strong, at peace, and benevolent. I just want to live, work, and love. It's a feeling of redemption. Thank you for helping me to find a different, elevated level of reconciliation." -Kurt

"Before I met Xochitl I was very lost and had very low confidence when it came to sexuality. I felt like I was missing something in my life and I wasn't sure what it was. I knew the way I perceived sexuality and the way I was living it was off and I didn't know how to fix it. One huge thing was the fact that I was so insecure and scared of rejection/not being good enough that I mostly avoided any chance of a relationship or sexual encounter. Because of that and the way I perceived sexuality, I was constantly ruining potential relationships, learning experiences, and damaging myself more and more. One day my brother told me about a group I should attend. I was immediately hooked! I began learning soooo many new tools that have completely changed my life! Each meeting has taught me soooo much! I've learned soooo much about myself and perspectives of sexuality I've never been able to comprehend. I am now slowly learning how to feel and It is incredible. This group that Xochitl has introduced me to the most genuine and wonderful people. I feel soooooooo grateful to have learned everything I've learned. Xochitl is an incredibly gifted individual full of love, knowledge, and wisdom and I'm so grateful to know her and learn from her. I support Xochitl and everything she is doing and highly recommend her. She is a beautiful soul and I love and appreciate her so much. At this point in my life I am soooo much more confident and knowledgeable. The tools and lessons I've learned are irreplaceable. I am extremely excited to continue learning and growing! Thank you Xochitl. ❤
-Daniel G

"There’s my life before this workshop and my life after this workshop. I see myself in a whole different way now that I received the flow of this experimental creation. I kept thinking, how many times can my mind be blown? Xochitl and Cheleste created such a beautiful nurturing and safe environment for us to delve deep into this work. Myth busters and clarity creators I feel grounded and connected to the sensations in my body deeper than I ever have. I am experiencing a clearer understanding of the language of sensation and tapping deeper into the intelligence of my body’s cycles in a way that is bringing me much joy that I am woman. I feel safe in my body. I feel excited that I am in this body and I desire to continue to create balance with my innate rhythm."
-Missy R

"Wow! What an amazing experience! This is what we all should be taught during our transitional (puberty) years. To learn about my anatomy and how it may be different than the person next to me, and that it is normal is amazing. Being able to let my guard down is really hard, especially as of late with PTSD and anxiety symptoms being so easily triggered, but it was so comforting. The space was absolutely beautiful and welcoming. Xochitl and Cheleste made sure it was safe for all of us and everything was done through consent and acceptance. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have gone to this workshop. Every vagina carrying person should do it! You learn so much about yourself. I was able to reconnect to my reproductive organs after being disconnected for so long. Absolutely life changing. As above, so below ."
-Amanda H
"Xochitl has created a curriculum full of tools with practical applications toward the goal of self-love. I can't wait to apply what I have learned from this class to my life. I want my kids to grow up in a home where self-love and self-care are the norm. I am so grateful that I listened to the call and joined this class."
-Jen C

"My integration after our workshop has been really yummy. I feel like I know how to nurture my power. The level of self care has fallen almost seamlessly into my flow of days. I feel less rigid." -Haylie B

"The energy work I have received for myself and witnessed others receive from Xochitl has shifted so much for me internally and externally. My confidence in communication with myself and others has begun to elevate. I practice looking myself in the mirror and showing physical love and speaking kind words of affirmation. One thing she always says to me is "everything is perfect" and I have begun to embody this fully. Embracing that at any point in time, any move I make, any word I speak, is exactly what is needed and it is perfect. Before working with Xochitl in her Moon Circle Ceremonies and in a one on one energy healing session, I had the idea that painful emotions can be dealt with in only one way and that way cannot be pleasurable. Our work together has shown me otherwise. Xochitl has lovingly given me space, safety, and guidance on how to go deeper within myself to move emotion and energy through big sound and movement that feels SO GOOD. She brings forth her energy fully and presently, connecting with source and her own sacred intuition to guide me through any difficult experience I may be having with gentle compassion. Xochitl has always held the highest integrity and honor for my boundaries and safety through our work together by making sure I take time to check in with my heart for what is a YES and what is a NO. I highly recommend working with Xochitl if you are someone who feels trapped in deep emotion and negative self talk. It will be a beautiful and transformational heart opening experience."
-Alysia L

"Xochitl lives where the viscous shadows bubble up as they morph into the erotic. My narrative went something like, I just can't accept his rage. I don't trust him to have emotional control, that's why I need complete control. Xochitl's eye twinkled as she grinned and asked, what if you honor his rage? I felt the gears in my brain go kuhh-chunk. My homework was one very simple and deliciously salacious exercise with my partner. One well-spent evening later and we had now tasted and experienced the full King expression of his rage. Yum. I must maintain control, said no well-fucked woman ever."


"I really enjoyed the 30 Days of Self Love Class. There were lots of wonderful conversations, lessons, tips, tools, etc. shared. And I'm healthier for having participated. Definitely the best part was simply the warm, open, and safe environment Xochitl created, and how it made it easy to break from my normal shell. During the month, I found myself journaling (something I never do) in response to the prompts of the class - both explicit and otherwise. I found myself inclined to open up and share my thoughts and even my emotions (something I rarely do) - both with the class publicly and with my wife privately. In truth, I didn't always agree with every aspect of every lesson. But that was part of the beauty of the class. I never felt like Xochitl was trying to sell me on the latest, greatest, new fad self help (like so many programs out there). I felt like she was simply helping me to simply stop, think, and re-think. And every lesson did this very well. When I changed my mind of or my lifestyle as a result, it was for good reason. And when I didn't, it was also with good reason. Overall a very fun and engaging experience. Highly recommended! ."
-Ryan C

"I have been completely and utterly impressed while working with Xochitl. Her ability to sort through the noise and get to root causes is amazing, especially when it comes to relationships. She is so kind in her feedback but at the same time direct! She is one of the most conscious people I have worked with. Truly a clean and clear vessel for healing! You will feel her love for you right when you meet her! Great things truly do come in small packages!."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Xochitl over the past 3-4 months. She has been an absolute joy to my soul as we have explored pieces of me. She elegantly walked me through a journey with my inner child to heal her wounds and remind her that she is safe and loved. Xochitl was guided by her shamanic gifts as she carefully guided me through the release of core beliefs that did not serve me. She does a beautiful job holding space in a group to ensure everyone’s emotional security. I would recommend Xochitl to anyone willing to take the plunge into themselves to heal emotionally and find their inner POWER! ."
-Julie L