Are You My Mother?

Are you my mother?
I do not have to ask
And I feel the weight of
To be so held, so nourished,
Celebrated and cherished
By Earlene and by her
Mother, Maggie and even
By her mother Minerva though I
Never met her she meets
As midwife, herbalist, healer, lover
And I hear she was also
Full of wit and fun
And so to my mothers I say
Thank you,and,

Help me carry this temple, this
template Of unconditional love
Into the broken world
To the masses of Unmothered souls
Make my hands available to 
Wipe away tears that Never
Felt safe to fall
Give me courage to stay open 
In the face of Hearts slammed closed by
Hands and words
Of those positioned to protect
But instead

Are you my mother?
I do not have to ask
And I feel the weight of privilege 
As I plunge my hands
Into fertile soil
And feel the stories of death turned
Into raw potential
Filter through fingers
That press seeds tenderly in with
Something like trust but more like 
Knowing something good will
Come of this
Though I could never truly know Her
She meets me
In my darkness, turning pain
Into love
And so to my Mother I say
Thank you, and,

Help me to be the temple, the 
Of love powerful enough to 
Move the mountains of
That hide innocence from
The innocents,
To devour shadow energies and
Digest them into harmony
That those who enter this field will
If their wandering is over and they
Have finally found 
That when they say 
Are you my mother
I will say Yes
I will say Yes 
And Thank You, and

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