Private Sessions with Xochitl

In Service to You

Intimate Arts

You Are the Answer

It really is about YOU! One-on-one sessions with Xochitl are a delightful uncovering of your own divine knowing and intuition. Xochitl knows how to honor and hold space for your uniqueness while offering gentle guidance and support.

Part of honoring individuality is the 30 minute Attunement session.  Xochitl will inquire about your challenges and desires around relationships and sexuality and help you create the perfect care plan. 

It might be weekly coaching calls, in-person healing work or companionship. Or you might discover that Community or other events are the perfect solution!

Sometimes another modality or practitioner is more resonant with your needs and she is committed to helping you find other resources with respect and love.

Many clients are surprised by the amount of warmth and trust they feel just from this important initial experience. $20.

Standard Pricing:* 
1 hour coaching call $100
1 hour sexual healing zoom call $200
2 hour somatic healing session $600 

*Sliding Scale and other options for financial hardship can be explored during the attunement session. 

"I am amazed at how you seem to know what method, action, or body position that is effective in clearing out a person. I’ve spent my life stuffing away my feelings and hiding away parts of myself in the process. I can say that you have made a believer out of me and opened my eyes to parts of myself that I thought were locked away. I still have much to learn and a way to go but I would definitely recommend others to see you. Thank you for sharing your time and universal love."
David Roberts