Level 2

You As Soul

“The desire to know your soul will end all other desires.” -Rumi

Who Are You?

Level 2 experiences are about exploring the soul. The structure is intact, but with more room to explore.

You will learn to go beyond the physical form and sense what wants to be expressed through personality.

What is alive for you? 

You have developed a healthy sense of self through level one experiences that allows you to relate to others on a deeper level. 

You are now ready to get curious about your personality and preferences.  What is truth and what is trauma?

Level 2 workshops provide opportunities to meet and expand through edges, trauma, and limitations. 

Desire feels different here. It is more about expression and less about need.  

Monthly Group Explorations

These activities are a container of learning and deep exploration. We will practice different Tantric Arts as a group and in pairs.  In order to participate, you need to have participated in Level One and have a discussion with a facilitator.