Here Goes

Day 1 of the 44 day thing.

I knew I wanted to do something for 44 days to honor my 44th birthday in the year 2022. It feels significant.

Or rather, I want to make it significant.

That humans can create meaning is a pretty unique and fun game.

So, here goes.

I’m scheduled to launch this website today.

I feel nervous and kind of relieved.

This whole business thing is not what I thought it would be.

I was so FULL of belief in ease and flow that I imagined this would be a simple jump from prosperous midwife to prosperous Tantrika. I love my 2020 self. So full of courage and innocence and faith!

I wouldn’t trade the journey, though. If I could go back to 2020 and snap my fingers and give her the realization of her dream.

It’s tricky that I had to start a business to create my dream. I fought that hard for the past 2 years. There HAS to be another way!!

And then I surrendered to it. To the point I almost completely gave it up.

And of course then in a matter of days things began to unfold to get this website where and how I wanted it and it immediately began attracting clients before I even launched it.

I still believe in ease and flow. And I’ve learned that a huge part of that is not becoming attached to outcomes. There’s a big surprising piece around boundaries and discipline in there that I have learned as well.

It’s not over. Abraham Hicks says You’re never done and you can’t get it wrong.

That’s bold.

I know this website will be a thing I get to play with and change a lot. A canvas of sorts.

Just like my 44 days. Of what? Not sure.

Next step into the mystery.

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