It’s true

I’ve walked through fires

I’ve run through my dark inner corridors

I’ve jumped not knowing where or how I would land

I’ve gotten burned

Seen terrors inside myself

And found myself shattered at the bottom of the cliff

I rise

I smile and laugh and cheer us all on

My scars invisible yet palpable

Lenses that allow me to see into souls.

And I’ve noticed

It feels intense to be in the presence of such sight

Perhaps because they

don’t understand how much

how very much

I love what I see through those lenses

Or perhaps

It is more frightening still

To be seen and loved so deeply.

Do you know what really takes courage?

To keep showing up

As the Brave one

Who must be kept at arm’s length or dismissed altogether

When really,

I just want to crawl into loving arms

And have those scars caressed

Wounds dressed

And be seen as Human, as Beloved, as Friend.


for a moment

Be anything but Brave.

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