I love this ridiculous life!

Especially during the times where I get to feel the low notes course through my being.

I appreciate the symphony my heart.

I relish bleeding out the past each month as I celebrate my womb.

I wholeheartedly eat the junk food and watch the silly shows with my kids.

It’s hard to capture in words the lifetime of bliss I live every day.

But yesterday I saw a blind fledgeling shivering in a rain puddle.

It was destined to die, surely, and who am I?…

Who AM I?

I carried it home against my breast, it’s tiny heart beating against mine.

I placed it on my altar in a potted plant andWorshipped it.

Perhaps it did not know it was blind but I did, and it moved me.

I brought it food and water.

It sat nearly still for over an hour, occasionally dipping its beak into the water.

I spoke sweetly to it then

And it rose, scraped the infectious film from its eye, Looked around

And flew out the window.

And I guess there have been times

When I wasn’t aware of what I couldn’t see

But having a chance to sit on the altar of someone’s consideration and sweetness,

Or being held to a breast that loved even though it wasn’t sure it could really help,

Inspired me to scratch away another calloused layer

And see

And Fly.

I love this ridiculous life.

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