I wept
I called in community
I slept
I went into my garden and poured intention over seeds that I pressed into the Mother
And Father’s fertile fluids dripped onto my hair, my face, my lips
I called in a someone who can match my love
Who is ready to fathom my depths and soar in my heights
One who will create something big and lasting with me
Who will draw laughter out of me like cleansing water from a well
A companion who will enter my world and invite me into theirs
Who will give and receive kisses freely
Who will worship me while also rendering me undone in my awe of them
A man came to me there
Pressed lips in the rain
I bore my breasts, unleashing my powers and entwining them with his
I called forth his life force and he drew uninhibited howls from my heart
Laughter from relentless pleasure
Screams of pain, releasing beautiful grief
Kali hisses, burning away attachment and ego , destroying the voices that told me my sadness was something of shame rather than one of the magnificent chambers of my love
I will give what I need and the Universe will flow through me
It is enough
I am life
I am real
I will feel

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