Alone time.

I used to fear it but now I cherish it.

Part of what helped me shift was recognizing that I often felt most lonely in a crowd, in my big family growing up, and big events.

And also realizing that there’s a level of loneliness we just have to make peace with. Nobody can ever truly fully understand us, our unique experiences or perspective.

Coming to terms with loneliness helped me understand the essence of my own divinity, make friends with my ego, and ultimately all the dark and scary parts of myself I was avoiding.

And the peace—such peace in giving up the endless search for that someone who was going to love me enough to end it, to save me—Exhale. I realized I was the only one who could ever truly know me and set out on the journey of getting acquainted with me.

And now my life is so full of deep, meaningful connections that I get to meet with fullness and grace that my cup runneth over!

So I’m just gonna sit and stare out the window and enjoy a few more minutes with my

Beloved self.

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