Lion Heart

22 years ago today

when I was a month shy of 22

I roared earthside baby #2.

at 2 months old and nearly 20 pounds

his spirit was already

bursting through his skin!

His heart whispering

that he was here to make the world

not be made to fit into it.

At 20 months old

it was clear

that his restless being

would finally settle to a purr

when he was surrounded by community.

At 2 it was easy

for him to hand over his birthday presents

to an eager big brother

because the stuff never mattered

but the company always did.

At 12 he was initiated into priesthood

a spiritual giant

impressing the congregation with his thoughtful piety

while the pressure mounted inside.

On the precipice of the next initiation

I looked in his eyes and told him about my leap of faith

Weeping, he said, “you mean I don’t have to?”

And he took his own leap in a new direction

But by now he was so used to the pressure

that he wasn’t sure he could live without it

And at 20 it solidified when

the community he felt safe to purr in

proved unable to match his loyalty and tenderness

He picked up his tools

And attempted again and again to make this life work

chipping away at the darkness inside

nearly succombing to it

Then roaring himself back to passion, to life

Today he is 22

blowing the dust off the diamond

that was forged under pressure


a kind of love

that will remake this world.

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