I sat in the dark for months, like a dormant seed

in my comfy shell

Sometimes burdened by the lack of productivity.

But it would pass and I was grateful

for the time to just be me

to plumb my depths and learn who I was.

A content little cosmos

of knowing.

Then the swelling started

Elements rushed in

Delicious water and nourishment

Ecstatic Expansion and Love and

something that felt like movement and progress


This is what I am: Bigger, Better, Juicier


Yes! I can do THIS!

Then there was this hum of change that felt terrifying

and a little exciting.

I rode the vibration for weeks, determined to hold on

to the progress I had made.



The Seed Split

And, horror of horrors,

my insides:

The dark things I had sat with and learned to love

Began to expose themselves to the outside

And whatever that swollen seed was is gone,


I don’t know what I am

except exposed.

Can I align myself to the field of Trust

open to the nutrients surrounding me

allow the old identity of seed to fall away

and let life unfold through me?

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